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WellnessTherapy as a registered private company (2018/052786/07), employs certified and qualified healthcare professionals for offering quality healthcare services to its clients in a warm, comfortable, safe environment, confidentially and has already delivered more than 2000 hours of therapy. 

Do you love sunshine smiles too?


For people to showcase that sunshine smile we all know, dentists’ visits are imperative. That is why WellnessTherapy is committed to helping people overcome their fear of dental procedures and to not only have sunshine smiles but to enjoy going to the dentists too.


WellnessTherapy knows that Doctors only want what is best for patients and working with WellnessTherapy means doctors have valuable tools at their disposal that can help make hypo-birthing a remarkable experience, dial down pain, help people release stress, manage the symptoms of depression and anxiety, quit smoking, get a handle on insomnia and much more.

The founder of WellnessTherapy, Pierre Immelman, has always been passionate about helping people going through emotional drift sand that affected all aspects of their lives negatively, find themselves again. Pierre finds it easy to listen and guide people in order to unlock emotions that fuel redundant little programs affecting them negatively.


During his more than 20 years of experience in a business and corporate environment where he was employed in professional business and project management roles, he found that all people are inherently good and when one became quiet and listens one can find the best in people and lead them on a path of success. In 2010 in the midst of being bored, Pierre decided to learn new life-changing skills and so he embarked on a self-fulfilling journey and his goal is to not only enrich his own life but also to touch the lives of others with kind humbleness in a way that will change tears into smiles and jeers into laughter.


Over and above a Master’s degree in business leadership, Pierre achieved various certifications (cum laude), holds various health care qualifications and is a professional certified HypnoMed practitioner and Hypnotherapist (non-medical) (CHT, CPTT, RSA, and CB) and is a member of South African Institute of Hypnotism and of Hypnoworld. Pierre brings this wisdom, knowledge and leadership to WellnessTherapy. As a result of this, WellnessTherapy applies a holistic alternative approach to wellness.


It is WellnessTherapy’s policy to employ certified and qualified professionals that adhere to professional standards from institutions that are endorsed by IMDA (the International Medical and Dentist Association), APHP (Compassion and Humility) and accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (CHSC).

WellnessTherapy offers therapy from which many people find their true potential when they unlocked their potential through a process of guided mindfulness, with love, professional care, safely, in a warm comfortable environment and confidentially. 

People with depression, trouble sleeping, insomnia, anxiety, chronic pain, weight issues, performance anxiety, fear of commitment, fear of heights, fear of spiders, lack of confidence, people suffering procrastination, post-traumatic stress, emotional trauma, marriage issues, separation and divorce trauma, sexual dysfunction, bad habits, stuttering, people wanting stress management, study improvement, exam results improvement, wanting to quit smoking and many mindfulness requests have benefited from the wellness therapy they received.


WellnessTherapy practices from a people-friendly and comfortable office in the Dream World Investment Building on the corner of Lily Ngoyi and Dr Beyers Naude Street.


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