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We all confront emotional issues like fear of rejection, fear of failure, low self-esteem, and inability to express our feelings, and we must learn how to handle them properly. The one thing that you should always remember is there is no problem that doesn’t have a solution. All the problems that you face can be sorted out if you are willing to devote your time and efforts. However, if you fail to work towards the solution, you will end up with one choice and that is to live with your problem. And that is not a choice I can live with.

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Improve your life today.


  • Are you anxious or stressed out?

  • Are you finding it hard to let go of habits or addictions?

  • Are you Overthinking or self-sabotaging yourself?

  • Are you saying to yourself it is too hard to change things?

  • Do you find that you have no time, or that you have too much to do?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed, or that you are not coping?

  • Are you lacking self-confidence?

  • Do you need a boost of motivation to go for what you want in life?

How do we overcome challenging situations, pressure from ourselves and others as well as limiting beliefs?


At times finding your way forward can seem like an impossible task on your own. It’s easy to become stuck in helpless patterns.

Sometimes you just need a new view or frame of reference which can help you to release unwanted thoughts and patterns enabling you to experience a happier life.

WellnessTherapy can offer you a targeted treatment plan to support the best outcome for you. Helping you to create your life in a resourceful, positive and meaningful way.

WellnessTherapy applies a client-centred approach to all its clients which includes confidentiality, respect and you can be assured of professionalism.


WellnessTherapy is here to help you find solutions to issues that you may have been dealing with for a long time or maybe you face new challenges or situations that can be overwhelming or stressful.

IWellnessTherapy offers you quality professional therapy applying natural wellness techniques to deal with life and life’s challenges. WellnessTherapy uses various methods and tools to help you get the most out of each session and you will be treated with client-centred care and respect so that you can empower yourself to be your authentic self.

And you can...

  • Rapidly let go and experience a sense of relief as you release stress more and more

  • Manage anger more effectively

  • Effectively manage depression symptoms 

  • Clear away limiting beliefs

  • Go with the process of making positive rewarding changes, bit by bit, and look back at how far you have come

  • Tap into your resourcefulness

  • Let go of redundant issues easily

  • Overcome obstacles and get rid of mental blocks.

  • Release habits that do not benefit you anymore

  • Naturally, gain confidence spontaneously

  • Increase motivation and inspiration.

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One of the most frequent requests for help that I receive is from people wanting to overcome addictive behaviour - quitting smoking, drinking, gambling, over-spending, etc. 

The hold that addiction has on a subject is probably 95% psychological and when I help them to feel confident about overcoming their unwanted habits and let them make the decision subconsciously.

Allowing my clients to make the choice themselves in a client-centred environment has proven superior results (85%) to other approaches.

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Anger Management

According to research, as many as one-fifth of the population has issues with controlling their anger. 

Many people resort to anger as a coping mechanism in different situations, and most would like to gain control over their rage.

As a therapist, I can help my clients with anger management or any rage issues with hypnosis in a safe and supportive environment. 

Hypnosis includes a range of tools to help my clients, such as suggestions to help modify behaviour to successfully manage anger and develop more helpful reactions or help my clients to learn to deal more effectively with their emotions in order to deal with frustration.

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Business Skills and Finance

Many people wish to be successful and happy in the workforce, as this can lead to being more content in their everyday life. 

I help clients deal with the obstacles they may face in the workplace such as financial worries or feelings of inadequacy and to help give them the confidence and tools that they need to be successful in their career and in the workplace as well as gain control over their finances. This may then open future opportunities to them in different areas of their life.

Child Birth.png

Childbirth (Hypno-Birthing)

Pregnancy can be both a wonderful and yet stressful time for expectant mothers and fathers and often my clients may wish to ease their feelings of helplessness when faced with different challenges. 

As a therapist I can, with the aid of Hypno-Birthing hypnosis, help my clients overcome any concerns they may have regarding their pregnancy or the birth experience.

The relaxation associated with hypnosis can help to calm nerves and dispel fears which can in turn help prevent problems that a couple may have conceiving or during pregnancy and bring more joy to the experience. 

Once the baby is born, hypnosis is a great way for me to help my clients bond with their baby, or if they have any post-natal depression issues, ensuring that the transition from pregnancy to birth will run as smoothly as possible. 

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I help my clients to develop stronger self-esteem and to increase their belief in their own abilities.

Confidence is vital for our professional lives, school, relationships, and life more generally. Whether my clients desire more confidence for dating, dealing with bullies, starting a new business, overcoming timidity or stuttering, or simply want to feel more confident in social situations, I can help them and the confidence my clients obtain through hypnosis can often be the kick-start that they need to get ahead in life.

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Coping with Loss

As a therapist, have clients that come to me for help with grief, loneliness, guilt or other issues associated with loss.

With hypnotherapy, I can help my clients overcome many of the issues that are impacting them, whether to help with separation anxiety, the loss of a loved one or pet, or help find lost objects.

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Through the power of hypnosis, I help my clients manage or overcome anxieties they may feel when it comes to exams and studying. 

Most people would love to feel calm, relaxed and confident when needing to take an important exam (such as a Matric Exams, semester tests, driving test, etc.) or give a presentation. I guide my clients with hypnosis towards accessing tools they already have to help them to achieve the confidence they need to do the best they want to do in the exams or to smoothly give a presentation.

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Fears & Phobias

As a therapist I encounter many clients wanting help in overcoming fears and phobias. Many people would love to expel the fears that can often rule their lives and hypnosis has been proven to be very successful in helping clients to deal with these challenges. With hypnosis, I can help my clients by teaching them to respond differently when faced with something they perceive as dangerous or feel anxiety towards.

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As a therapist, I have clients that come to me for help with grief, loneliness, guilt or other issues associated with loss. 

Death or loss of a loved one can be overwhelming, and through hypnotherapy, I help my clients overcome many issues that are impacting them and help them through these difficult times whether it be by easing guilt or encouraging them to stay strong.

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Habits and Disorders

As a therapist, I come across clients with a wide variety of habits and disorders that they want help with.

Some habits my clients want help with are issues such as smoking, but I also encounter nail-biting, compulsive hair pulling, and more complex problems such as a nervous twitch.

Hypnotherapy is a very effective tool to help reduce symptoms and to uncover issues that may be causing the habit or disorder.

I always aim at helping my clients to uncover the root cause of their problems first. Once the underlying issue has been identified this is dealt with through hypnosis which then reflects positive changes in my client's lives.

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Living With Skin Problems2.png

Living With Skin Problems

Many people live with skin problems and this can have a negative effect on their confidence, and attitude, or even be physically painful as well as cause acute embarrassment.

Stress is often a major contributor to skin problems such as psoriasis or eczema and often just helping your clients to take time out and learn to relax can be a great help in coping with such issues. 

With the help of hypnosis working with the client’s subconscious mind, I can help them to be more confident with living with visible skin conditions such as acne and warts.

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Memory and Learning

Through hypnosis, I help my clients to improve their concentration and to gain the confidence they need in order to aid their memory and learning ability.

Through hypnosis, I help my client's perception so that they can focus completely on the information they want to learn, and filter irrelevancies out of their minds. This helps them better deal with issues such as better memory, dyslexia, writing, study skills and more.

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Pain Relaxation

The mind has a powerful influence over the body, and deep breathing and relaxation this can often help when coping with pain or make it more tolerable. 

Living with ongoing pain oneself can be extremely frustrating, so I teach clients to relax properly and to alter their perceptions of the pain through the power of hypnosis which can help them to a feeling of mastery over their discomfort and associated symptoms. With hypnosis, I help my clients to live with their pain and enjoy a more positive and optimistic mindset.



Many people wish to overcome their shyness or fear of failure and replace it with confidence in order to reach their full potential; hypnosis can help. 

Whether it is improving their guitar playing, songwriting abilities, singing, dancing, public speaking, team and group goals or happiness, health or wealth I apply hypnosis as a key component in helping my clients to gain more confidence in their chosen area and to excel. As well as enhancing their abilities, my clients can deal with issues such as procrastination – by moving away from always putting off until tomorrow what can be done today or they may wish to cope with anxieties associated with their wedding day later, towards doing what they can do today and therefore making all the tomorrows lighter and easier to deal with and to make the most of their lives today.

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Personal Development

People are always looking at ways in which they can better themselves and grow as a person. 

Through hypnosis, I can help my clients to develop their self-confidence, access their creative resources and make positive changes in their lives that will help them to reach their goals.

Through hypnosis I cover many of the issues that my clients might wish to address in order to grow; from improving their artist ability, writing a book, become a tidier person to accepting responsibility, developing patience or becoming more motivated, etc



Since humans are social beings, relationships are at the heart of all of us. 

As a therapist, I have numerous cases where clients wish to better those relationships in some way or another, whether of a personal or professional nature. I  help clients overcome many problems they may have in current relationships, such as trust issues or insecurities. 

Through hypnosis, I help them with these problems as well as any grief my client may be feeling at the end of a relationship in order to help them to bring closure.

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Sports Improvement

Many people wish to always put their best foot forward, and this is especially true in sports. I help my clients to gain confidence to excel in their chosen sport, such as golf, tennis, hockey, running, cycling or general exercise, or to improve their existing skills. The power of hypnosis can help with endurance and can even help clients to visualize an increased lung capacity so that they can perform at their peak ability.

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Weight Loss (and Gain)

Most people would love to achieve their desired weight and shape as a way of increasing their confidence and self-esteem, and it is important to deal with any emotional issues behind their weight issues.

With hypnosis, I help motivate my clients in their quest of achieving their desired weight and shape. And with post-hypnotic suggestions better equipping them to deal with triggers that lead to over or under-eating.

With my clients we address issues such as boredom eating, over-indulging in food secretly (e.g. at night time), family obesity, and lack of exercise. Through hypnosis, I guide them in visualizing themselves going through a gastric band procedure in order to eat less.

There are also approaches for clients who want to fast - whether to lose weight or to detox - and approaches for maintaining that weight loss once it has been achieved.

Some people may want to eat healthier and enjoy more nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables or eat and drink more slowly. I can help my clients to appreciate and enjoy foods that in the past they were unable to tolerate - as well as sail through festivities such as Christmas that are often associated with huge and frequent feasts as they enjoy a healthier lifestyle and reach their target weight and shape.